Leasingham Village Hall

Chapel Lane, Leasingham, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8LB.
Tel: 07807 566990 or Email: bookings@leasinghamvillagehall.org.uk


Some notes to help you find your way around our hall and its facilities.

Lights: As well as the main ceiling lights, there are lighting tubes concealed under the wooden frieze around the main hall which give a very pleasing effect. They are operated by a switch on the second row of the panel just inside the double doors from the main foyer.

Heating: The radiators in the Main Hall & Jessop Room are controlled seperately from individual thermostatic controls positioned on the wall of the respective areas, and you are welcome to turn them up or down or off if you want to. Please do not try to change the settings on individual radiators.  The only exception is the rediator in the centre of the Main Hall's rear wall, which is operated from inside the chair storage cupboard off the Main Hall.

Ventilation: There are two sets of controls for the extractor fans, inside the main doors to the hall and in the lounge area. There are sliding controls for this which suck air in or extract air. To the left of them is a master On/Off switch.

Tables: There are 24 folding tables, 6’ x 2’3”, which are stored on trolleys in the store just to the rear of the lounge bar area. One trolley stores 16 and the other 8, you will find table movement much easier if you open both parts of the door and wheel the whole thing out.  For safety, there are brakes and straps on each trolley, please use them. Putting the tables up is easy, just unfold the legs. There are two plastic tools to help to push the ‘cross bar’ from the holders towards the outside edge of the tables, allowing the legs to fold. This can be done by a squeezing action too. There are also 5 small square tables stored in the second of the stores to the rear of the lounge bar area.

Chairs: There are a total of 150 stacking chairs, in addition to those in the bar area. 120 are stored in the double-doored room at the rear I left hand side of the main hall.  They should be stacked a maximum of 6 high for safety reasons, and there is a chair trolley to help you to transport them. The rest are in the Jessop Room cupboard.

Staging: There is some portable staging available in sections 4’ Square (maximum of 15 Squares). It is possible to use a few or all of them in various configurations. If you would like to make use of the stage, you will need to arrange this with the Booking Clerk.

Kitchen: There is a 100 piece willow patterned dinner service, which you are welcome to use, subject to it being washed, dried and carefully stowed away again. It is stored in cupboards under the serving counter. To be fair to other users, if any breakages occur you should inform the booking clerk.

If you need to use the cooker please make sure that it is switched off after use and left in a clean condition. This also applies to the water boiler and any other equipment you use, except of course that the fridge needs to be left on.

There are a limited number of tea towels which you can use, and they should be left in a neat pile for the village hall cleaner to attend to, but you may wish to bring your own if you think you will need a lot.

There are several wheelie bins outside the kitchen door which you can use. Please ensure that you only put recyclable material into the recycling bins.

Toilets: In addition to the ladies, gents and disabled in the main foyer, there is another disabled facility in the rear foyer at the opposite end of the hall. Coat pegs are in each cloakroom.

Tidying Up: Please remember that you are responsible for clearing up and tidying the kitchen if you have made use of it, and for wiping down and putting away any tables & chairs you have used.  You are not expected to mop the floor at the end of your event, but you are expected to remove all rubbish and brush up/hoover any mess that has been made during your booking, unless you have elected to take up the cleaning option.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is available throughout the hall, if required, please contact the Booking Clerk for details.