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What is the size of the Main Hall?

The hall is approximately 16m long and 8m wide which provides a floor space of around 128m2. The ceiling is approximately 4m high with spotlights reducing the height to approximately 3m in some places. There is a seating/bar area located directly off the Main Hall which is open to the hall along almost all its length. The seating/bar area is approximately 6.5m long and just under 4m wide, which gives it a floor space of just around 25m2 with a ceiling height of approximately 2.4m.

What is the size of the Jessop Room?

The Jessop Room is approximately 6.3m by 6.4m, which gives it a floor space of just over 40m2. The ceiling is approximately 2.4m high with lights reducing the height to approximately 2.26m in places.

How big are the tables at the hall?

The hall has several types of table available for use, these are:

  • 5 Round small bar type tables (69cm in diameter) 4 permanently located in the seating/bar area located off the Main Hall, and 1 in the Main Foyer.
  • 24 large oblong tables 182cm long x 69cm wide kept in the storerooms available for use.
  • 15 small oblong tables (similar design and height to the large oblong tables) 91cm long x 61cm wide kept in the storerooms available for use.
  • 10 small oblong brightly coloured low level children's tables 91cm long x 61cm wide kept available for use in the storeroom in the Main Hall.

What facilities are available in the kitchen?

The kitchen is fitted with a double electric oven, microwave, fridge and an instant hot water machine to make hot drinks.  There is a 100 piece tea service stored in the cupboards in the kitchen along with a quantity of cutlery which is available for use.  If required, there is an additional fridge and a freezer available for use in the rear kitchen.

Is the heating kept on, or does it need to be turned on before an event?

Owing to the massive increases we have faced in the halls energy bills, the central heating in the Village Hall is now set on a timer to cover prime hire times, with the Main Hall & Jessop Room each having its own thermostatic control mounted on the wall, which hirers can adjust. In addition there are extractor fans fitted in the Main Hall which can be used to either suck in fresh air, or blow out warm air as required. There are separate controls for each fan, 2 located by the Main Entrance Doors to the hall and 1 on the external wall in the Red Arrows Bar Seating Area.

How many car parking spaces are available in the Village Hall Carpark?

There are 31 marked parking spaces in the carpark, with 3 of them marked for Disabled only parking.

How big is the grassed area outside the Jessop Room?

The clear grassed area located adjacent to the carpark, directly outside the Jessop Room double doors is approximately 20m long by 13m wide, although there is a further 10m x 13m of grassed area with several trees and an area set aside for wild flowers/nature running from this to the wall by the road.

Why is there a Closed Circuit Television System at Leasingham Village Hall?

The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System at Leasingham Village Hall was installed and has been updated and its coverage extended, to improve security for those using the hall, and of the hall itself. The CCTV system is fully compliant with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, and is operated in accordance with the CCTV Code of Practice, published by the Office of the UK Information Commissioner. A copy of the Leasingham Village Hall CCTV Code of Practice is available on request from the Leasingham Village Hall Booking Clerk.

Why are Bouncy Castles, Trampolines, Rodeo Bulls and similar recreational equipment banned from the Village Hall and its grounds?

This is a Safety and Insurance issue which unfortunately is not likely to change. Owing to safety concerns and the financial risks involved for hirers, (not the Village Hall) the Hall Management Committee has reluctantly decided that despite the negative impact it has on hirings, it is not in the interests of the Village Hall to potentially risk injury to those attending events at the hall, or the financial ruin of a hirer by allowing these types of equipment to be used.